The Divine appearance of the Lord

One day, Jagannatha Misra had a dream: all of a sudden, brilliant light came in his mind, and reached to his heart. He dreamt that Krsna was in his heart, and then from his heart transferred over to Sacimata’s heart, and then entered into her womb. Normally the father and mother have relations at that time, but this was an immaculate conception, a spiritual transfer. They didn’t have any actual contact- it was a transcendental experience. In this way the Lord entered from Jagannatha Misra to Sacimata.

Then Sacimata found that she was expecting a baby, and her husband was noticing she had become so beautiful- she looked like the goddess of fortune. People were walking up and saying, “Here my dear brahmana, take some money.” He didn’t have to beg for alms, people just walked up to him to hand over money. He was never rich before, but because the goddess of fortune had come to his house everything was becoming very auspicious.

Jagannatha Misra said to Sacidevi, “My dear wife, people are just coming and giving me money. What does this mean?” She said, “Maybe there is some great soul in my womb making everything auspicious. I have seen heavenly beings coming and praying to me.”


Jagannatha Misra and Saci mata in Yoga Pitha

Many devas were coming and praying to Lord Caitanya, “Om namo bhagavate vasudevaya, jay jay sri-caitanya jaya Nityananda, jayadvaitacandra, jaya gaura-bhakta-vrnda! Lord Gauranga! My dear Lord Krsna, we understand you are appearing in this Age of Kali as a Gauranga. In every yuga you come as an incarnation. You come and give mukti, liberation, but it is very rare for you to give out love of Krsna. But in this incarnation we understand that you are going to freely give out love of Godhead. We are your devotees from the heavenly planets, and we came here to beg for your blessings. We don’t want material blessings, we have enough material things- in the heavenly planets we have so much sense gratification. We have only two problems: one problem is that sometimes the demons come and attack us to conquer heaven and enjoy it. Hiranyakasipu, Ravana, Bali Maharaja- many have attacked us. Sometimes we are victorious, and sometimes they defeat us- this is a big problem. Another problem is so much sense gratification. Apsaras, handsome devas, nice rivers, gardens, mystical powers; there is so much sense gratification that we forget to serve you, we forget your loving service. We are deprived of your love because of too much sense gratification.”

Prabhupada said that many of his followers would go to heaven. It is a danger if we are not focused on serving Krshna. But these devas who came to the Lord they were focused, they were fed up: “Now we want love for Godhead. Please help us. You are going to appear on this planet and the human beings are going to get all your mercy. Don’t deprive us of your mercy, we also want to have love for Krsna.”

Lord Caitanya would make it so that a little shadow of the devas was visible. Mother Saci said, “What is this? Who is in my room? Nrsimha protect me. Some evil spirits are coming here.”

Jagannatha Misra and Sacimata were comparing their notes, and they said something special is happening, the baby has been in the womb for longer than nine months. Nowadays if the baby doesn’t come in nine months immediately they would do caesarean, but the Lord was in the womb for thirteen months with no caesarean- one reason why He had to appear five hundred years ago. Mother Saci went to her father Nilambara Cakravarti, who is great astrologer, to find out what was wrong. He said, “Everything is alright, your son will appear on a full moon day.”

Mahaprabhu from Simantadvipa

On the holy day of Lord Caitanya’s appearance it was the full moon Purnima day, and also a lunar eclipse. The Vedic system is that when an eclipse comes you become contaminated, so the Hindus go to a sacred river at that time and chant the holy names of the Lord to counteract the contamination. So almost the whole city of Navadvipa, thousands of people, all went to the Ganges and they were chanting, “Govinda! Govinda! Hare Krsna! Hari bol!!”

The Muslims were watching, and saying, “What are these Hindus doing? They are chanting Haribol! Haribol! They are chanting Hare Krsna!” So although they did not have faith, they were also chanting. They were making fun of the Hindus, but somehow or other they were also chanting. The sound filled the air.

Srivasa Thakura was thinking, “ They say this eclipse is inauspicious, but look how everyone is chanting the holy name. This is very auspicious time. Everyone is chanting Hari bol! Hari bol!”

In this ways the whole town was filled with the holy name of Krsna coming from the Ganges, so Srivasa Thakura and all the Vaishnavas were very blissful. Normally the people wouldn’t chant loudly the names of Krsna. Smarta-brahmanas said it was offensive to chant the holy name aloud- that the name would lose potency and since the people were impure they shouldn’t chant the name aloud- but when they were in the Ganges it was allowed because the Ganges is purifying, so everyone was chanting at that time.

All the Vaishnavas were very happy; they could hear how everyone was chanting the holy names. They were thinking, “Why is this called an inauspicious day, this is the best day of the year- everyone is singing and dancing, chanting the holy name in the holy river.” They started dancing in ecstasy to see that everyone was chanting.

So at that time Lord Caitanya appeared to come and give His mercy. When He appeared the moon was just rising, and the whole land of India was filled with the vibration of  Hare Krsna Hare Krsna Krsna Krsna Hare Hare Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare.

The news spread that Sacimata had given birth to a boy and He was very beautiful, He was golden in color. So all the neighborhood ladies came by to see, and the brahmana ladies were putting kusa grass on His forehead, and sprinkling Him with rice colored with turmeric powder. It was very happy, festive time.

Even some of the residents from higher planets came down to see what the Lord looked like. Devas and Devis were disguised as brahmanas and brahmanis. Mother Saci was amazed, thinking, “Where have all these people come from?”

Jagannatha Misra was a poor brahmana, but in his mind he was giving away cows and huge amounts of charity. He was in bliss to have such a beautiful child.

In Santipura, Advaita Gosai felt blissful and He was dancing in ecstasy. In Puliya, Haridasa Thakura was chanting in bliss. Like this, all the Vaishnavas were feeling so happy in their hearts because the Supreme Lord had appeared.

The next day the wife of Advaita Acarya, Sita Thakurani, came to see Lord Caitanya. She was a very aristocratic lady. Because Advaita was the leader of all the Vaishnava Brahmanas, she came with special gifts for Lord Caitanya. She gave scented oils, auspicious grains, and for protection she gave a tiger’s claw. She was so happy to see the baby incarnation of Godhead.


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