Vrindavan das Thakur glorified the Lord’s Appearance!

“How can we describe the happiness that this earth planet will enjoy when You dance along with Your servants?”

“The mere presence of those constantly meditate on Your lotus feet vanquishes all inauspiciousness.”

“As such person dance, the touch of their lotus feet destroys all the inauspiciousness of the world. By their glance, the ten directions are purified.”

“Such are Your glories, such is the dancing, and such are Your servants that when they dance with their arms raised, the disturbances in the heavenly planets are destroyed.”

“My dear king, when Krsna’s devotees dance in Kirtana, they destroy the inauspiciousness of the earth by the touch of their feet, the inauspiciousness of the directions by their glances, and the inauspiciousness of the higher planetary systems by their upraised arms.”

” O Lord, You will personally appear and perform kirtana with Your pure devotees. O Lord, who has the power to describe Your glories? You will distribute devotional service to Lord Vishnu that is unknown through the Vedas.”


Sri Caitanya Bhagavata, Adi Khanda, Chapter 2 verses 178-186

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