Sri Navadvipa Mandala Parikrama 2017 Day 3


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Brahma Puskara river


This island represents the process of pada sevanam, serving the lous feet. On this regard the devotees were led on a meditation on the symbols of the Lord’s lotus feet. Very sweet.
We also heard that Giriraja Govardhana is manifested here! How ecstatic. The Delhi devotees performed a drama on the sublme character of Jagannatha Das Babaji Maharaja, for we his samadhi was visited by the devotees.
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Drama lead by HG Pancharatna prabhu (ACBSP)

HH BVV Narasimha Maharaja explained very nicely about the bhajananandis and gosthyanandis. ” Srila Prabhupada said that he would never retire. There are 2 types of glorious deaths one is in samadhi and the other is on the battle field. Srila Prabhupada said he wanted to die on the battled field and indeed he did both while in samadhi and on the battle field, giving his purports on the Srimad Bhagavatam, he left this world.
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HH Bhakti Vigna Vikash Narasimha Swami

Today Parikrama had one very special program: Harinam sankirtan through the streets of Navadviapa town. This Nagar sankirtan was led by HG Agnideva Prabhu, who made the sound of mridangas, kartalas, and gongs accompany the vibration of the Maha mantra throughout Navadvipa.
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 The Dham vasis became so joyful that their glory was partially revealed to us pilgrims. The glory that they are not ordiinary sales men or house wives but very dear devotees of Lord Caitanya. After Harinam Agnideva Prabhu led us on what Srila Prabhupada said was his favorite bhajan :” Hari Hari biphale”. As he started this bhajan everyone and everything seemed to stop. Either manager, sannyasi or child, every single member left aside all anxieties and dovetailed their full attention to that Bhajan. We were very fortunate to have the association of such an empowered kirtanya. 
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Prasada’s time at the campsite

Parikrama had on an opulent feast prasadam waited for us in the camp. Jackfruit sabji, panner, etc… The cooks are also in the ecstasy of Parikrama.
In the evening we heard the pastime of Lord Caitanya taking sannyas as well as the glory of Sacimata and Vishnupriya from HH Bhakti Rasayan Maharaja. “Sannyasi is one who is always active in devotional service, while being detached from the result of action.” Maharaja described that when the residents of Navadvipa found out that their Nimai, had left to take sannyasa, they couldn’t accept it. They protested:” He is too young, His wife is so young (14 years old) and his mother is old and a widow.”
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Dhameswara Mahaprabhu at Navadvipa Dham.

Thus they went all the way to Katwa to try in convince Keshava Bharati not to give Mahaprabhu sannyasa. However Mahaprabhu insisted. Who can say “no” to the Supreme Personality of Godhead? At that time of receiving the sannyasa mantra from Keshava Bharati, Mahaprabhu told him: ” I had a dream. In my dream you gave me this mantra…” That was the vaishnava sannyasa mantra which Keshava Bharati coming from the Mayavadi sampradaya didn’t know. So Mahaprabhu  taught him the mantra and then received it back from Him. Such are the pastimes of the Lord. As we know Mahaprabhu took sannyasa for a higher cause, to spread love of God by giving the holy name. Simountaneously He gave VIshnupriya the opportunity to experience worship in separation which is even sweeter and deeper. Dhameshwar Mahaprabhu is the deity in the Parikrama Marg which Vishnupriya used to worship after Lord Caitanya took sannyasa. 
After some milk and muri (puffed rice), everyone is fast asleep around 9:00 pm dreaming about tomorrow. 
Hare Krishna!
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