Sri Krsnadasa Kaviraja disappearance day on 16th October

All glories to Lord Gaurasundar and His wonderful devotees! All glories to Krsnadasa Kaviraj, the gem among the most exalted Vaishnavas! All glories to Srila Prabhupada who revealed the most confidential pastimes of the Lord for the Western World, we have no hope without his causeless mercy.

Krsnadasa Kaviraja Goswami appeared in West Bengal, as described in Prema Vilasa book, page 187:

” In the begining of his life Krsnadasa Kaviraj joyfully worshiped Krsna in his village, Jhamat pura, Bengal. The most merciful Nityananda Prabhu appeared before him in a dream and bestowed His mercy upon him. Krsnadasa was ecstatic upon seeing Nityananda Prabhu and His associates. He offered Krsnadasa to go to Vrndavana. In Sri Caitanya Caritamrta, Krsnadasa Kaviraj Goswami identifies himself as a disciple of Yadunandana. Because of Yadunandana’s transcendental qualities, Rupa and Sanatana Goswamis bestowed great mercy upon him. When Krsnadasa Kaviraj went to Vrindavana he took shelter at Raghunatha das Goswami’s lotus feet…”


tad idam atirahasyam? gaura-l?l?mrtam? yat

khalasamudaya-kolair n?drtam? tair alabhyam

ksatir iyam iha k? me sv?ditam? yat samant?t

sahrdaya-sumanobhir modam es?m? tanoti

The Caitanyacarit?mrta pastimes of Lord ?r? Caitanya Mah?prabhu constitute a very secret literature. It is the life and soul of all devotees. Those who are not fit to relish this literature, who are envious like hogs and pigs, will certainly not adore it. However, this will not harm my attempt. These pastimes of Lord ?r? CaitanyaMah?prabhu will certainly please all saintly people who have clear hearts. They will certainly enjoy it. We wish that this will enhance their enjoyment more and more.

Sri Caitanya Caritamrta Madhya Lila 25.283

The verse above in the latest verse of Sri Caitanya Caritamrta Madhya Lila. Those who read Sri Caitanya Caritamrta can understand the greatness of Sri Krsnadasa kaviraj Goswami, he was the perfect person to write about Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu’s pastimes, he is merciful, humble and a great scholar. For this last verse Srila Prabhupada give us an amazing purport. He very rarely speak about himself, but he is doing so in this note:

” The author of ?r? Caitanyacarit?mrtaKrsnad?sa Kavir?ja Gosv?m?, has condemned all his enemies by comparing them to envious hogs and pigs. The Krsna consciousness movement, which is spreading throughout the world, is being appreciated by sincere people, although they have never previously heard of ?r? CaitanyaMah?prabhu and Krsna‘s pastimes. Now even the higher, priestly circles are appreciating this movement. They have concluded that this movement is very nice and that they have something to learn from it. Nonetheless, in India there are some people who say that they belong to this cult but who are actually very envious of the ?c?rya. They have tried to suppress our activities in many ways, but as far as we are concerned, we follow in the footsteps of Krsnad?sa Kavir?ja Gosv?m? and take them as envious pigs and hogs. We simply wish to present the pastimes of Lord Krsna and ?r? Caitanya Mah?prabhu to the best of our ability so that those who are really honest can cleanse their hearts. We hope that they enjoy this literature and bestow their blessings upon us. It appears that even such a great personality as Krsnad?sa Kavir?ja Gosv?m? met with some envious obstacles; what, then, to speak of us, who are only insignificant creatures in this universe. We are simply trying to execute the orders of our spiritual master to the best of our ability.”

Srila Krsnadas Kaviraj ki jay!

Srila Prabhupada ki jay!

Nitai Gaura Premanande Hari Hari bol!!

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