Please register yourself by filling the Parikrama form. You should print it and bring it with you to Mayapur, the Pandal registration will be open from 25th to 27th February.  Filling your form here will save your time when you come to Mayapur.  There will be no registration on line for this year.

Thank you! Hare Krsna!


Very Importantseven-50 (Copy)

For foreigners: You need a copy of your passport and visa for registration. For Indians: You need copy of any ID proof  (with photo) for  registration. Please feel free to ask us any questions, or by assisting with devotional  Seva. For any doubt please contact us

[email protected]

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Parikrama Registration Form

Where will you stay?

Which group will you join?

By pressing the Submit button you will send filled form to our office and also you will get confirmation letter with the list of your data on mentioned email address. You can print this copy as well for your future needs.