8. Modadrumadvipa

becoming a servant


“…Arriving at Mamagacchi village, Nityananda explained to Jiva: ‘Here, in Modadrumadvipa is Ayodhya. In a previous kalpa, when Lord Ramacandra was banished to the forest, He came to this place with Laksmana and Janaki. He built a hut under a huge banyan tree here and lived happily for some time’. Seeing the effulgence of Navadvipa, the son of Raghu began to slightly smile….”


Navadvipa Dhama Mahatmya- Parikrama kanda


Main Places to Visit


  1. Sri Vrindavana das Thakur’s Sripata
  2. Vasudeva Datta’s Sripata
  3. Sri Saranga Murari’s Sripata
  4. Arka Tila


Srila Bhaktivinod Thakur in a very humble mood is telling us about the importance of this place. We can be inspired by him and also learn from his sweet instructions:


“..By the power of the mercy of the Dhama, the mercy of the holy name and the mercy of the devotees, expertly keep undesirable association far away.  Very soon you will attain residence in the eternal abode, where pure devotional service to the Divine Couple will become manifest by direct revelation.

Hearing these instructions of Bhisma-deva, I will fall down at his feet like a rod and offer obeisances with all my limbs.  Giving me his blessings, he will then disappear.  Weeping and weeping, I will proceed to the forest on the island of Modadruma-dvipa.

This island of Modadruma is non different from the forest of Sri Bhandiravan in Braja.  All the animals and birds are fully spiritual entities having the nature of pure goodness.  In the branches of the trees sit cuckoos who incessantly sing the glories of Lord Gauranga, Sita and Rama.

Countless banyan trees spread out their shade-giving branches splendrously here in Bhandiravan and block out the rays of the sun.  When will this wonderfully shady place, where Balarama and Krsna displayed their pastimes to the world, ever be visible to my eyes?

Wandering and wandering about, observing the glory of the forest, I will suddenly behold the cottage of Lord Sri Rama.  Then will I see Rama Himself, the colour of fresh durva grass, dressed like a brahmacari and sitting in one place along with Laksmana and Sita.

Seeing Lord Ramachandra’s beautiful form within that forest, I will swoon on the spot.  My entire body overwhelmed with ecstatic love, I will remain stunned and speechless as I fill both my eyes that are heartily drinking the beauty of His form.

Being merciful, Laksmana will come forward slowly, set down some fruit and place his feet upon my head.  He will say, “My dear child, please eat this fruit.  Since we are living here in the forest, this is all we have to offer our guests.

Just as he says this, the vision of this pastime will dissolve.  Weeping and weeping, I will eat at the fruit.  Oh, will I ever again see the figure of Rama, green as fresh durva grass?  In my heart, I will meditate on that inconceivably beautiful form.

Aha! Oh, my heart weeps without end to leave this forest of Bhandiravan, the abode of transcendental desire-fulfilling gems!  In this place Balarama and Krsna, on the pretext of herding cows, perform so many wonderful pastimes.  In this same place, Lord Gora performs manifold pastimes, becoming madly intoxicated with the sound of kirtan in the company of His friends.”

Navadvipa Bhava Taranga-  Verses 108 to 116


Sri Vrindavana Das Thakur SriPata(house)


Srila Vrindavana dasa Thakur, the author of Sri Chaitanya bhagavata, took birth in Modadrumadvipa. He is an incarnation of Vedavyasadeva, and was a disciple of Sri Nityananda Prabhu. He had many disciples included Gopinatha Brahmacari, a descendent of Sri Kesava Bharati.

His mother was Narayani devi, the niece of Srivasa Pandita. When she was four years old she receives the remnants of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu’s food directly from His own hand. When Lord Krishna was a child, He was nursed by a woman named Ambika who had a younger sister named Kilimbika. According to Gaura Ganoddesa dipika, Kilimbika was Narayani.


Sri Navadvipa Parikrama page 200


Vasudeva Datta’s SriPata


Saranga Murari’s house.



Vasudeva Datta’s original temple is close to Saranga Murari Thakur’s Sripata but the temple is no longer there. Sri Madana Gopala

deities worshiped by Vasudeva Datta are being worshiped now at Saranga Murari’s Sripata. Gaudiya Matha devotees are now managing this temple.



Sri Madan Gopal at Saranga Murari sripat



Sri Navadvipa Parikrama page 201

Read more about Modradumdvipa here (PDF).

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