7. Jahnudvipa



“Towards the north of Vidyanagara lies the extremely beautiful Jahnudvipa. There, visible to all, is the forest where sage Jahnu performed his austerities. Jahnu Muni drank the water of the Ganga and Ganga devi reappeared from this great sage, thus she is known as Jahnavi…”


Main Places to visit:


1-Jahnu  Muni’s ashram





Jahnu Muni’s ashram


Jahnu muni’s place at Jahnudvipa.


Jahnu muni was living in this place and in great bliss worshipped Lord Gouranga who appeared within his heart:

 “…The Lord revealed Himself in His beautiful form of Syamasundara, attracting everyone in the three worlds. His body was gracefully bent in places and a peacock feather decorated His head. He was playing His flute which He held gently in His hand and His most beautiful face was dazzling. While the sage was beholding this form, he saw the Lord transform into a young sannyasi. The Lord in His sannyasi form was holding a danda and kamandalu (water pot) in His hands and His head was shaved without any sikha. He was wearing saffon=colored cloth and kaupina. The radiance of His body defeated the glare of millions of suns. When the muni saw this, he could not control himself anymore and he opened his eyes. Upon doing so he saw the Lord standing in front of him face to face. The Lord’s beautiful curling hair was making everyone mad. Many dazzling ornaments decorated His body, the effulgence of which lit the Universe. Even gold appeared without luster in comparison to this glow. His bodily movements destroyed the pride of millions of Kandarpas. By seeing this form , Jahnumuni experienced great bliss and ecstasy. Seeing the sage in this condition, Sri Gaurahari pacified him by His mercy. Jahnu Muni fell at the lotus feet of the Lord in great bliss and washed His lotus feet with the tears pouring from his eyes. He offered many prayers standing in front of the Lord and fixed his eyes on His lotus face…”

Sri Navadvipa Parikrama page  186

Bhisma Tila



Bhismadeva is the son of Ganga devi. Since Ganga devi appeared from Jahnu Muni, she became his daughter and thus Jahnu Muni became the grandfather of Bhismadeva. After some time Bhismadeva came here to meet with his grandfather and grandmother. Jahnu Muni very affectionately kept Bhismadeva at his ashrama for a long period, during which he taught him about dharma. Bhisma passed this knowledge  on to Yudhisthira while lying on the battlefield of kurusksetra on a bed of arrows. While staying in Navadvipa, Bhismadeva received Bhakti and therefore became famous as a great vaishnava. The island of Jahnudvipa is therefore very purifying. Only the most fortunate people eternally reside here.”

Navadvipa Dhama Mahatmya- Parikrama kandha

Read more about Jahnudvipa here (PDF).

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