6. Rtvdvipa



“The island called Rtvdvipa is very enchanting, covered with numerous kinds of forests. It is where all the seasons headed by spring are eternally engaged in service of Lord Gouranga. The very land relieves all troubles, for it is the abode of transcendental bliss. This area is the same as Radha Kunda in Vraja.

Sometimes during the wild sporting of sankirtana at this place and while singing the glories of Lord Krishna, Sri Gauranga remembers Krishna’s pastimes of tending cows. Thus He loudly and repeatedly calls out the names of cows: ‘O Syamali!’ ‘O Davali’ Then calls for His cowherd boyfriends Sridama and Subala, He breaks down and cries in great sorrow.”

Navadvipa bhava taranga




Main Places to visit

  1. Syama kunda and Radha kunda
  2. Vidyanagar
  3. House of Sarvabhauma Battacharya and Vidya-Vacaspati



Radha Kunda and Syama kunda



When night lifted, the devotees raised their bodies and called out ‘Nitai Gaura!’ Then, leaving Campahatti behind them, they blissfully went on. From this point, Vaninatha accompanied Nityananda, saying, “When will that day come when I shall have the pleasure to accompany Nityananda on parikrama to Gouranga’s house in Mayapur?”

They came to Ratupura and saw the beauty of that town. Sri Nityananda said, “We have now come to Rtudvipa. This place is extremely attractive. The trees are bending down their heads in respect, the breeze is blowing gently, and the flowers are blooming everywhere. The humming of the bees and the fragrance of the flowers intoxicate the travelers’ minds here. “As He was saving this, Nityananda became like a madman and exclaimed, “Quickly, bring My horn! The calves have gone far off, and Krsna is fast asleep and won’t come. He is acting like a baby. Where are Subala and Sridhama? I, Balaram, am alone here. I cannot go and herd the cows!” Shouting, “Kanai! Kanai !” Nityananda jumped a few yards. Seeing His state, the devotees immediately supplicated at Nityananda’s feet, “O Prabhu Nityananda Your brother, Gauracandra is no longer here. He has taken sannyasa and gone to Nilacala, leaving us poor beggars.” Upon hearing those words, Nityananda became dejected and fell to the ground crying, “You have put us in such sorrow, Kanai, My brother! You have taken sannyasa and left us to go to Nilacala. I will not continue My life. I will jump in the Yamuna River!” Saying this, Sri Nityananda lost consciousness.

By seeing Nityananda Prabhu’s elevated state of spiritual emotion, they began to chant the holy name. After two hours had passed, Nityananda still did not rise, finally, when the devotees began chanting the glories of Gauranga, Nitai awoke. “This is the place of Radha-kunda’.” He exclaimed. “Here in the afternoon, Gaurahari would perform kirtana with His associates. Look at the brilliance of Syama-kunda, which attracts the minds of everyone in the universe! And look, here and there are the sakhis’ groves. In the afternoon, Gauranga would become immersed in singing Krsna’s glories and satisfy all by distributing Prema. Know that in the three worlds there is no equal to this place, where the devotees worship the Lord. Whoever lives here will get love of God, which will soothe the burning fire of material life.”That day the devotees stayed there and drowned in love of God as they called out Gauranga’s name. Staying there in Rtudvipa, they passed the whole day and night worshipping the moonlike Lord Caitanya. The next day Nityananda Prabhu, dancing all the while, came to Vidyanagara, a splendid place attractive to munis. This gladdened the devotees.


Sri Navadvipa Mahatmya Parikrama Khanda chapter 12






“This Vidyanagar is the abode of the four Vedas and the sixty-four arts and sciences. Sarasvati, the goddess of learning, undoubtedly resides here. At this place, Brahma, Siva , and the rsis revealed all the various types of knowledge to the material world.

Knowing that the Lord would perform His educational pastimes here, Brhaspati left his residence in Svarga (heaven), and in his appearance as Vasudeva Sarvabhauma, he taught many types of knowledge according to the various prescribed processes at Vidyanagara.

Sri Sri Gour Nitai from Vidyanagar.

Whoever lives at Vidyanagara and sings the glories of Gauranga becomes a fortunate teacher and will never know grief. Whoever takes to the worship of Gauranga and receives the darsana of His transcendental for will be freed from all ignorance.”

                                                                                                                                                                                 Navadvipa bhava taranga


House of Sarvabhauma Battacharya and his brother Vidya-Vacaspati.

Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu came here after taking sannyasa, and below,dear reader, you can read this amazing poetry by Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakur, he is glorifying this place with sweet words, full of devotion.


“.. Famous throughout the entire universe is the town of Kuliya Pahar, by all means the topmost place of Sri Gouranga’s pastimes.  When Sri Krsna Caitanya attempted a journey to Vrindavan immediately after taking sannyasa, He was tricked (by Nityananda Prabhu) and instead came to this town in the district of Nadiya. At this place is the school of Vidya Vacaspati, the popular son of Visrada.  Who did not know him?  Being the unalloyed servant of the Lord by the power of his pure devotion he attracted his own Prabhu once while taking bath in the Ganga. When will I stand still on this bank of the Ganga by the door of Vidya Vacaspati’s school and view the opulence of the spiritual kingdom?  After a few moments will the Lord, who is king among sannyasis, suddenly appear up in the palace before my very eyes?
Seeing the golden effulgence of the Lord in the form of a sannyasi, I will fall to the earth in great anxiety.  I will feel just as the gopis did upon seeing Krsna in Dvaraka dressed like a royal prince; thus they cried while remembering His sweet and simple cowherd pastimes on the bank of the Yamuna.
I long to take the moonlike Gaura-Chandra back to Mayapur where He is dressed like a young boy and His divine limbs are radiant with ornaments, where His hair is long and curly and Hid dhoti folded thrice, where He performs pastimes with His devotees in His own Garden named Isodyana.
Of course, this sannyasi is my Lord and I am just His servant.  These different appearances that the Lord assumes are but some of His unlimited pastimes.  Still, my heart longs to take the Lord back to the temple of Srivasa Pandita on the bank of Prithu Kunda! ”

Navadvipa bhava taranga



“..This is where Sarvabhauma Battacharya took birth around 1460 and where he lived in his early life. This place is on the western boundary of Navadvipa dhama. Vidyanagara is the original source of the Vedas and is the main center of learning for the universe. Lord Brahma taught the demigods and sages at this place.

Sarvabhauma Batttacharya’s birth place.


Kalam tree (pen tree)


Nearby stand eleven trees which, according to experts, do not belong to any known species. There is one tree which is said to have been created by Lord Chaitanya when he planted a pen in the ground.

Lord Chaitanya would com here and defeat all the disciples of Sarvabhauma Battacharya. There is now a Gaudiya Matha temple here, established by Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Maharaja. This Gaudiya Matha marks the birthplace of Sarvabhauma Battacarya and his brother Vidya-vacaspati. The kalam trees or pen trees mark the place where Vidya-vacaspati opened his school…”


Sri Navadvipa Parikrama page 176-178

Read more about Rtudvipa here (PDF).

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