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Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakur gives the follow wonderful description about Antardvip in his book Navadvipa Bhava Taranga:

“The island which lies at the junction of the Ganges and Yamuna is known in the sastras as Antardvipa. Within Antardvipa lies the holy sanctuary of Mayapur, where Lord Caitanya appeared. Know, devotees, that Mahavana, in the center of Goloka, is none other than Mayapur of Navadvipa.

The scriptures sing of a transcendental place called Brahmapur. In that realm, Mayapur shines before one’s eyes freed from illusion. Identical with Sri Gokula in the forest of Mahavan of Braja, and vastly superior to all other places in creation, that place is where the Son of Saci performs His eternal pastimes.

The abode of the gopas and gopis in Braja named Sri Gokula is the same as the abode of the brahmana families in Navadvipa Dhama. In the center of the supremely pure Mayapur is the radiant home of Jagannatha Misra. This is the eternal residence of the Lord.”


Main places to visit:


  1. Yoga-Pitha (Birth place of Lord Gauranga)
  2. Sri Srivasa Angana: the home of Srivasa Pandita
  3. Sri Advaita Bhavan
  4. Sri Gadadhara Angana
  5. Sri Chaitanya Math (Candrashekara acharya’s house -Lord Chaitanya’s intimate associate) Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakur Prabhupada’s Samadhi and Srila Gaura Kishora das babaji’s Samadhi)
  6. Murari Guptas’s house
  7. Prithu Kunda
  8. Sri Isodyana (Nandana Acarya’s house where Lord Chaitanya and Lord Nityananda first met)
  9. ISKCON Sri Mayapur Dhama  http://www.mayapur.com/visit-mayapur/places-to-visit/iskcon-mayapur-campus/

Yoga Pitha:

Antardvipa is the island of Atmanivedana (full surrender) and the main place for visiting in this island is the Yoga Pitha, the birthplace of Lord Chaitanya. In this connection Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakur stated in his Navadvipa Bhava Taranga:

“….In the center of the eight islands that are like the eight petals of a lotus flower is the ninth and best island called Antar-dvipa, which is exceedingly beautiful. In the middle of that island rests the yoga-pitha, or main meeting-place of the Lord and His associates, known as Mayapur. Upon seeing this place, I shall experience profuse bliss..”


HH Bhakti Purusottama Swami explains in his book: ” The appearance place of the Lord is known as Yoga-Pitha, and is situated at the very center of Mayapur. “Yoga” means connection; “Yoga Pitha” means the place where the Lord connects Himself to this earth, or descends to this earth. This is the home of Jagannatha Misra. Another meaning of Yoga-Pitha is a “meeting place”. At this place all the associates of the Lord meet with Him to participate in His pastimes.”


Sri Srivasa Angana


The Lord was performing Sankirtan behind closed doors in this place during a year. In this place He was dancing with Nityananda prabhu and also showed to Nitai His six armed form (Sad Bhuja). He performed the very famous pastime “Maha Prakasha”, where He revealed Himself as the Supreme Personality of Godhead to the devotees, His different incarnations and how He was having dealings and protecting each one of His associates ( Haridas Thakur and Kolavecha Sridhar for example).

The Kola Bhanga Dhanga pastime took place here, where Chandi Kazi’s men had broken the mrdanga.


Sri Advaita Bhavan and Sri Gadadhar Angan

HH Bhakti Purushotama Swami writes the following in his book “Sri Navadvipa Parikrama” page 51 and 52 “…Sri Advaita Acharya taught His students Bhagavad Gita and Srimad Bhagavatam at this place. Visvarupa, the elder brother of Visvambhara, was one of his pupils. At this time great Vaishnavas such as Srivas Pandit, Haridas Thakur, Chandrasekhara, and Murari Gupta would come and hear Sri Advaita speaks about Krishna. After Chaitanya accepted sannyasa, Advaita Acharya moved back to Santipura, where he was originally from.

The small temple to the right of Sri Advaita Bhavan is Sri Gadadhara Angan. The temple, houses the deities of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu and Gadadhara Pandita. Gadadhara was an incarnation of Srimati Radharani and a friend of Nimai since childhood. Sri Gadadhara Angana is about 10 meters east of Advaita Bhavan, in the same compound as Srivas Angana.”


Sri Chaitanya Matha

“ Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakur established Sri Chaitanya Matha in 1918. He called the area of this compound Vrajapattana, which means the place where Vrindavana is manifested. This is where the house of Chandrashekara was located. His wife, Malati, was the younger sister of Srimati Saci-devi. They had no children of their own. When Jagannath Misra, the father of Lord Chaitanya, left this world, Candrasekhara acted as the Lord’s father. He accepted Lord Chaitanya as his son and took full responsibility for Saci mata.” In Sri Chaitanya matha we can visit Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati’s samadhi and his personal deity Radha Gandharvika Giridhari, Srila Goura Kishora das babaji maraja’s samadhi, Syama Kunda, Radha kunda and Govardhan hill.


Sri Navadvipa Parikrama page 53


Murari Gupta’s House

“Murari Gupta, the twenty-first branch of the tree of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu, was a storehouse of love of Godhead. His great humility and meekness melted the heart of Lord Caitanya.”

Caitanya Caritamrta Adi Lila 10.49

The deities from this place  (Sita Rama, Lakshmana and Hanuman) are very beautiful. We can go by walk from Sri Chaitanya math to this very sacred place. Read more here


Pritu Kunda

“…O learned one, now hear the glories of this beautiful pond to the east. Although it is now known as Ballal-dighi, it was variously described in Satya-yuga. At that time, Prthu Maharaja was leveling the rough places of the earth by cutting down the hills. As he began leveling this area, a great effulgence came forth. When the workers told this to Prthu Maharaja, he came to see the phenomenon. As he was a saktyavesa-avatara, an empowered incarnation, by meditation he understood that this place was Navadvipa. He kept the glories of this place secret at that time and ordered that a kunda be established there. This kunda thus became celebrated as Prthu-kunda throughout Navadvipa-dhama. The villagers felt indescribable bliss on drinking the pure water of this kunda….”

                                                                                                              Sri Navadvipa Dham Mahatmya Parikrama kanda by Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakur


Nandana Acharya’s house

In this very sacred place Lord Nityananda met Lord Chaitanya for the first time!

Lord Nityananda left his childhood home situated in Ekachakra when He was 12 years old and traveled on pilgrimage for approx 20 years. He then went to Vrindavana where He waited for Lord Caitanya to reveal His sankirtana pastimes. He spent His days roaming around the forests of Vraja absorbed in the ecstasy of his previous pastimes as Balarama, roaring loudly and rolling in the dust of Gokula. He would play with local cowherd boys and their cows. Upon hearing that Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu was revealing His true identity as the Supreme Personality of Godhead and His sankirtana pastimes, Lord Nityananda immediately came to Navadvipa-Mayapur Dhama. He waited here at Nandana Acarya’s house for His younger brother, Gaurasundara, to find Him.


Picture on the right: Sri Nityananda Rama from ISKCON Mayapur

Read the whole  pastime here

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