Navadvipa Parikrama FAQ

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Q.When does the Navadvipa Mandala Parikrama start?

A. 28th of February and ends on 7th of March  2017. We have Parikrama adhivas (inauguration ceremony ) on the 27th of February.

Q. What are the Parikrama fees?

A. $42USD  (INR  (Indian rupees) 2,500)

Q. When am I able to book a room?

A. 1st of November, 2016.

Q. When do the devotees start to arrive in Mayapur for the Goura Purnima Festival?

A. 21st of February

Q. How do I reach Mayapur from Kolkata?

A. For Car booking, please contact Gauranga Travels (9233 379 990) or [email protected]

Q. Is there free accommodation?

A. There is no free accommodation, nevertheless, the accommodation in the camp is already included in the  Parikrama fees.

Q. Is there free Prasadam during Parikrama?

A. there is no prasada free in the ISKCON Campus during Parikrama’s time. Nevertheless, those who are going to Parikrama have their breakfast and lunch prasada in the Parikrama camp. The prasada is included in the Parikrama fees 🙂

Q. How will  the weather be in Mayapura during the festival?

A. Sunny. But the evening can be cold.

Q. What are the Kirtan Mela dates?

A.  23rd to 27th February.  Adhivas on 22nd.

Q.Where can I watch the festival through the Internet?


Q. How can I safely have a bath in the Ganga?

A. For their own safety; children, those who are unable to swim and those with little experience of being on boats, we highly recommend a LIFE JACKET.

For further information please write to: [email protected]

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