Gauranga Meditations

Dear devotees of Lord Gauranga, please accept our humble obeisances at your lotus feet! To increase our love for the most compassionate incarnation, we will post everyday a new verse, comment or glorification about our dear Lord till Gaur Purnima!


stumastam caitanyakrti mativimaryyada parama

dbhutaudaryam varyam vrajapatikumaram rasayitum

visuddha-sva-premonmada madhura piyusa laharim

pradatum canyebhyah parapada navadvipa prakatam


May that Supreme Personality of Godhead Sri Krsna Caitanya be forever glorified.

His munificence is astonishing, endowed with grace and dignity, offering preferential treatment to all who come within his domain. He has come to relish the Elixir of Love (rasa) by churning the Ocean of the Nectar of His previous exploits as Vrajendra Nandana Sri Krsna, thus drowning one and all in the waves produced therefrom.

Having descended to the transcendental abode of Sri Navadvipa Dham, birthplace of the nine limbs of bhakti, He is superior to all other incarnations. He embodies unlimited wonder and generosity. He is the Supreme Personality of Compassion.

Sri Caitanya Candramrtam 1.1
Tridandi Sri Prabhodananda Sarasvatipada

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