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Sri Navadvipa Mandala Parikrama 2017 

 28th February  to 7th of March

Registration at ISKCON Mayapur: 25th to 27th of February

Registration on line: 24 hours


Sri Sri Gaura Purnima Ki jay!!

The most auspicious of events, Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu’s appearance day is the Maha Mahotsava for ISKCON devotees around the world. What are we celebrating? We are dancing and chanting celebrating the appearance of the Karuna Avatar Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu; the incarnation of mercy and compassion.

Kali Yuga is a hopeless age. The conditioned souls in Kali Yuga have no chance to find anything pure, anything worth to live for; they are confused and lost. So how to get the merciful glance of the Lord upon us? We should think ourselves lower than a grass, we should understand that we have nothing to offer to the Lord. No eloquent prayers, no willingness to do tapasya, no expertise in spiritual knowledge. Those who are getting the mercy of Lord Caitanya who is giving “Prema to anyone on the street”, they are crying loudly for His compassionate nature: Hare Krsna Hare Krsna Krsna Krsna Hare Hare Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare.

All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

Sri Navadvipa Mandala Parikrama 2017 ki  jay!

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  An Appeal

to the devotees of Lord Gauranga to protect & preserve holy sites of Sri Navadvipa Dhama

Dear Devotees of Gauranga Mahaprabhu,

Please accept our humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

We hope you have enjoyed this year’s Navadvipa Mandala Parikrama!

Thousands of devotees from all over the world have been participating in this  Navadvipa Mandala Parikrama for the last twenty-five years. This year, we have eight thousand devotees in attendance. Navadvipa parikrama is an integral part of our Krishna Consciousness movement. Srila Prabhupada predicted that the Hare Krishna movement will continue for the next ten thousand years. With each  passing year, more and more devotees are participating in the parikrama.

To facilitate the participation of ever increasing number of devotees in the parikrama, we  have two problems to solve .These are urgent issues and cannot be set aside for the future. We need to immediately solve them.

Sriman Mahaprabhu performed unlimited pastimes in Navadvipa. Some of these places of pastimes have been revealed to us by our previous acaryas. However, several of these places are in the possession of non-devotees who do not understand their inherent spiritual value. As a result, they have been either selling these properties to developers or using the land for other non-devotional and sinful activities. We fear that if we do not protect and preserve these places, then many holy trees, ponds and other spiritual treasures will be lost and our future generation of devotees will not be able to access them. It is our duty to protect these holy sites for our future generations. With that as the goal, a trust in the name of “The Navadvipa Mandala Development Trust” has been established. Through this trust, we have been trying to acquire various holy sites which are in danger. The service of this trust is to protect and preserve the holy sites within Navadvipa Mandala.

For the convenience of devotees participating in Navadvipa Mandala Parikrama, we need to acquire large areas of land for night halts on different islands. We have land for use in Simantadvipa, Rtudvipa, and Koladvipa. With the help of the devotees last year, we bought a large area of land in Rtudvipa which was used during this year’s Parikrama. We hope to build permanent toilets, showers, sheds and night halt facilities at all essential places in due course of time.

To accomplish all of these, we require a lot of funds. At this moment, it is an urgent priority to request devotees if can invest their funds in this great cause. We humbly request each and every one of you to come forward and extend your helping hand. It can be a donation as much as you can afford. You can also encourage others to help in this project.

For more details, kindly contact us through email (given below).

Thank you for your kind consideration of this humble appeal.

Yours in the service of Navadvipa Dhama,

Jayapataka Swami

Bhaktipurusottama Swami

Gauranga Prema Swami

Contact details:

Bhaktipurusottama Swami

e-mail – [email protected]


Gauranga Prema swami

e-mail – [email protected]

Sankarshan Nitai Das

e-mail – [email protected]

mob- 09434750730



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